Population: 5,000.

The people on Amn-Coor are mostly human, although there are elves and halflings around. Dragonborn tend to avoid the place due to the extreme heat.


The city is ruled by the Caliph. The Caliph is assisted by the wizard Peshtar who also deals with defending the city against magical attacks.


The city has a standing militia of five hundred men.


Several cheap inns can be found in the Common Quarter.

Great Market:

A bazaar with hundreds of stalls run by both local and foreign merchants. Just about everything you could want can be found here, although there are just as many dodgy characters selling patently fake wares – unicorn horns, potions of immortality, and suchlike. Pickpockets and fortune-tellers also ply their trade here.

The Library:

A large building housing the few antiquities that have been recovered from the ruins of Khemti, run by Insohep the scholar. He is one of the few people able to read and speak the language of the ancient kingdom, and is looking for some brave souls to venture to the Palace of Opis.

The docks:

Always busy, the dockmasters will willingly hire cargo handlers at the rate of 1s a week.

The Caliph’s Palace:

Not really a palace, the first Caliph made the temple of Tefnut his home, as it was the grandest building still unclaimed by the sands. The temple priestesses refused to leave, and eventually an arrangement was made – the Caliph would rule the land from the temple, but he and all the future Caliphs would have to choose their wives from among the temple priestesses. Also, any daughters were to serve as priestesses. When in Amn-Coor, the Temple and the Palace refer to the same place, and are used interchangeably.

The Merchants’ Quarter:

There are no nobles in Amn Coor, apart from the Caliph, and the merchants occupy the highest level of society. Their houses are large, sandstone buildings with marble floors and a central area open to the sky, usually with a fountain or garden.

The Common Quarter

The vast majority of the population of Amn Coor live here, in small sandstone houses consisting of one, sometimes two rooms.

The Tomb of Anuck-Sul:

This huge pyramid is heavily guarded by the Caliph’s soldiers.


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